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Height: 180mm

The Celtic father of animals of the forest rests in a meditative shamanic pose.
In his left hand he holds a ram headed serpent symbolising sexual virility. His right hand holds a torc, a Celtic symbol of nobility. He also wears another torc around his neck to celebrate his sacred marriage to Mother Earth.
The antlers he wears upon his head may denote strong links to cave paintings from Paleolithic origins of a man standing upright dressed as a stag (male deer) . The stag holds strong Shamanic symbolism of the sun and male virility. His Celtic origin is associated with Derg Corra , "Man In The Tree". Druids know him as Hu Gadarn, " God of the underworld and astral planes "; the consort of the great goddess of the Moon.
This image of Cernunnos symbolises the rich male sensitivity, the powerful connection to the naturalness of the forest and how one supports the other, resulting in a symbol of balance.

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